Welcome to the website for the Norwich Pagan Moot, based in Norwich, UK. The Norwich Pagan Moot is a social and educational gathering of Pagans or similar spiritual paths from the Norwich and Norfolk area. Our Moot is one of many across the country, the one common feature of which is the meeting of like-minded souls at some regular time and place. The purpose of gathering in this way has often been to escape the isolation one might feel treading a lonely path but also to share ideas and to seek knowledge from others in an atmosphere of support and trust.

We are an open organisation and do not discriminate on grounds of belief, gender, physical ability, race or sexuality. Our events are public and open to all. We are not a “Teaching Coven”, a “Church”, nor a political group. Whilst we do offer activities which are of an educational nature and include communal worship the organisers do not claim to have, nor do they seek, particular authority over those who attend though we do so to serve our community.

The Norwich Pagan Moot is one of the longest continually meeting Moots – certainly it is the oldest in Norfolk – and over the years has evolved to offer more than the pub meetings alone.

Upcoming Events

  • We hold a regular ‘Coffee Moot’ as a daytime and family friendly event, an event particularly suited to those attending from outside the city
  • We arrange for persons of interest or particular expertise to give talks and demonstrations on a wide range of topics of interest to those on Pagan paths.
  • We organise occasional open rituals based on a variety of Pagan traditions like Wicca, Druidry and Traditional Witchcraft to name a few. These have included the major solar festivals (i.e. the two solstices); the fire festivals that mark the beginning and end of summer/winter (i.e. Beltaine and Samhain); as well as others such as Lammas.
  • Since 2012, we have added an annual conference called Harvest Moon. For this we try to invite the great and the good from the wider pagan community to come to Norwich and share their wisdom.

Our events and talks are intended to appeal to the new and inexperienced as much as the well- travelled and highly knowledgeable; some events might appeal more to one particular tradition than others so we understand few will want to attend every single Moot sponsored event. To find out more about what we do and to see a list of our events, then please visit our events page.